What is Survival Artist About?

Survival Artist was an idea that was born out of a love of Survival, Wilderness and Outdoor living. The Team at Survival Artist was put together by the editor Bram who having spent a decade of his life traveling around the world, living out of teepees, doing solo expeditions, and living in remote corners of the wilderness and now seeks to share his love of simple outdoor living.

The Founder
Bram Johnson

Wilderness survival and emergency preparedness was an everyday part of life growing up in the backcountry deep in the Rocky Mountains of Montana. From chickens and horses to greenhouses and freeze-dried foods, to bomb shelters and emergency off-grid gear Bram grew up in a proper outdoor lifestyle. Since then he has lived in tents for months on end, gone on long trekking expeditions, lived off of not much more than a few dollars a day all in a calling to push his comfort zone.

Meet The Survival Artist Team

This site is made possible by our team who spend loads of time testing, researching and helping to write the content for this site

Nicholl Carlow

Nicholl calls the Canadian mountains home where he spends summers reforesting the northern pine forests. He is a gear junkie and shameless treehugger learning to listen to the wisdom of the forest.

Philbert Kingly

Philbert grew up in the English countryside where he was endlessly curious about the ways in which his ancestors and the first primitive people lived. Since then he has been increasingly drawn to find natural and sustainable ways where we can survive and reconnect with the natural world.

Julius Blair

Julius is originally from South Africa and has since childhood been drawn to the natural living. Following that impulse has led him half way around the world where he continues in the pursuit of the quietude found only in the great outdoors.

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