Disc O Bed Review: Camping Portable Bunk Cot

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Do you want to make your outdoor experiences fun?

Often, complications like storage and sleeping space ruin our experiences. Whether it’s camping, sleepovers, or moving houses, it’s hard to find a temporary fix to the problem. In such cases, Disc-O-Bed is the perfect example of providing “value for money.”

It allows you to opt for comfort, durability, and functional living space to make for a less stressful day. The Disc-O-Bed is a set of stacking bunk cots that are strong, durable, and massive space savers!

The Disc-O-Bed gives you lots of room to sleep, store, and even just kick back and relax. They are flexible bunk cots that offer a ton of versatility and comfort.

Disc-O-Bed Review


  • Dimensions (Sleeping Area): 79″ * 28″
  • Dimensions (outer): 82″ * 32.5″ * 36″
  • Weight: 60 Pounds
  • User Weight Capacity: 500 Pounds per Cot
  • Material: Silver, Powder Coated, and Anti Rust Steel Frame; Navy 600D Polyester Fabric, PVC Coated
  • Quick to set up
  • Fantastic space-saver
  • Easily portable
  • Have high-quality storage bags
  • Can be used as bunk beds or individually
  • Versatility in Use (Fit in small areas, use for storage, and as a couch)
  • Take up minimum space
  • Considerably heavier when it’s disassembled and sitting in the storage bag
  • Difficult to carry with you for large distances
  • The bottom bunk sits quite low on the ground

Why Do You Need a Disc-O-Bed?

We’ve all had times when we needed temporary shelter that could be set up in minimum space.

Disc-O-Bed is the perfect on-the-go solution for such situations! You can use these transportable bunk beds for both indoor and outdoor activities.

Here are some cases where having a Disc-O-Bed can be an incredible gamechanger:

1. Going Camping

One of the biggest questions when going camping is: “Where should we sleep?” That becomes exceptionally worse when there are many people with you since you need to fit all of them within limited tents. In such cases, Disc-O-Bed can help you a lot.

You can use these camping cots to accommodate more people in little space. That will also help you free up a lot of floor space in the tent, which is a significant bonus. Camping enthusiasts will love the Disc-O-Bed because it is more comfortable and spacious than a regular bunk bed.

2. Moving From One Place to Another

Sometimes, you only need to stay at a place for some time. Disc-O-Bed makes temporary housing precisely what it is: making the most of what you’ve got. It is the most well-known example of today’s modular furniture and equipment.

For example, you could be moving cities every few months for your job. You probably wouldn’t want to spend money on getting a new bed and then shipping it to the next town all over again.

Don’t worry; you can now abandon the cold air mattresses.

The Disc-O-Bed can help you with a semi-permanent setup during this transition. You can easily organize this temporary home as you want: for sleeping as well as storage.


3. Sleeping in a Minivan

This may sound absurd, but the Disc-O-Bed can fit pretty well in a minivan! That can help you out a lot if you’re someone who likes going on long trips on your own. You can easily store your things in the organizers of the Disc-O-Bed, and set it up as your bed when you want to sleep.

4. Extra Bed for Guests

Anytime you have guests staying over, making space for them to sleep is full of twists and turns. The sofa cushions and your kid’s tiny beds can only do so much.

With the Disc-O-Bed, you can have multiple beds for guests to share with a group of family or friends. This will help you fit extra people in the same space while also keeping everyone satisfied!

5. Kids Sleepover

If your kids have been whining about having a sleepover, this is your time to shine! Usually, accommodating several children can get a little tricky, especially since they‘re little balls of energy who love jumping around. With the Disc-O-Bed, you can simply set the cots above for the kids to sleep in peacefully.

What Comes With the Disc-O-Bed?

The Disc-O-Bed comes in 2 separate storage bags and is available in four standard sizes: L, XL, 2XL, and the Kid version.

When you unpack the Disc-O-Bed, here’s what you’ll get:

  • Two storage bags
  • Two cots
  • Two side organizers
  • A set of stack adapters
  • Two tie-down straps
  • Stiffening brackets (Only with 2XL)

How Is the Disc-O-Bed Built?

When it comes to bed bunks, there are a lot of things you need to consider. Here is a detailed review of the Disc-O-Bed so you can evaluate your options and make the best choice:

1. Construction

Overall, the Disc-O-Bed has a pretty simple but solid design.

Both cot stacks are industrial-grade that last for years on end. The silver frame is rugged and heavy-duty. It is powder-coated, giving it a hard and more durable finish. The frame is made of steel and is resistant to rust, meaning you can use it for years on end.

The fabric is 600D polyester with PVC coating, which is a fancy way of saying it’s heavy-duty. The rough canvas also makes the fabric water-resistant, hygienic, and easy to clean.

The bottom bunk has a rounded frame that doesn’t sink into the ground. This prevents any damage to your floors, especially if you’re using the Disc-O-Bed indoors.

The Disc-O-Bed has organizers on each side for easy access to your gear. The disc brackets are of plastic, but they function seamlessly. On the side of each cot, there are Velcro strips where you can attach the storage pockets.

You can also attach shelved cabinets to each end of the bunk, giving you more space and flexibility of the bunks.


2. Weight Tolerance

The user weight capacity varies for each size of the Disc-O-Bed, but the XL version is the most common. This bunk bed can tolerate 500 pounds (230 kg) per cot, but it is better to limit the weight to 350 pounds (160 kg) per cot. Overall, the bed cots have a pretty solid structure and remain sturdy even when bunked.

3. Set Up

As the name suggests, Disc-O-Bed is simple to stack and level. To be honest, you can set up the Disc-O-Bed even without reading the instruction manual.

However, there are numerous safety guidelines given in the manual that can prove helpful. We recommend you go through the instructions at least once before putting the bunk together for the first time. This will ensure that you put the cots together safely and without any risk.

The set-up time for the Disc-O-Bed is around 30 minutes the first time, but you can easily half it down once you get the hang of it.

  • How can I set up the Disc-O-Bed?

Setting up the Disc-O-Bed is relatively easy, especially since it doesn’t require any tools. Once you get the basic structure set up, the rest of it is pretty self-explanatory. To make the process simpler for you, here’s a brief look at how you can set up the Disc-O-Bed in less than 20 minutes:

  1. Lay out the side rails and connect the assembly one by one.
  2. One of the cots also comes with extension legs that you can simply slip onto the bunk.
  3. Now fit the rails through the sleeves of the fabric on each side.
  4. Next, align the rails into place to click into the disc brackets at the head and foot of each bunk.
  5. Slip the top bunk’s legs into the bottom disc bracket so it locks in the correct position.
  6. Press the buttons next to the disc connector so that the brackets click into place.
  7. The disc brackets are now locked onto the rails at both ends of the bunk.
  8. Once the connector is slide-locked into the rails, the bunk surface becomes tight to lay on.
  9. If you want added security, you can use the tie-down straps to connect the top and bottom bunks.
  10. To disassemble the cots, you can press the disc connectors and tug them upwards.
  11. Similarly, pulling the legs firmly upward will allow you to separate the top bunk seamlessly.

4. Balance

The proprietary disc connectors use friction to hold the bunk rails into place. The cots may shake a little because of the friction, but it doesn’t make the setup unstable. However, Disc-O-Bed comes with two canvas straps that you can cross-bind at each end of the bunk to make sure they don’t separate on accident.

The Disc-O-Bed XL has its bottom bunk around 11 inches above the ground, with 21 inches between the top and bottom cots. Since the Disc-O-Bed 2XL is more oversized and has a greater distance between cots, they provide additional brackets to keep the bunk safe.

Moreover, the side rails of Disc-O-Bed are PVC coated and made of durable metal that doesn’t give a hollow clunk. Overall, the Disc-O-Bed provides a sturdy and level sleeping surface even if the ground beneath is uneven.


5. Safety

The disc connectors that lock both bunks into place are good enough to keep the Disc-O-Bed entirely safe for use. These disk brackets use friction to hold the bunks in place. There is no bending or folding of the bunk surface as long as you stay below the maximum weight limit.

Although the Disc-O-Bed provides leg extenders for the top cot, you can also use these for the bottom bunk. This is especially useful when you need to get the bottom cot further off the ground. However, keep in mind that you won’t be able to stack the top cot with it since there is only one set of extenders.

All things considered, the basic structure of the Disc-O-Bed is quite strong. However, there are situations where you need to take extra measures to ensure safety.

For example, if you have a kids’ sleepover, it is probably good to make sure the bunks don’t accidentally get separated. In such cases, you can use the tie-down braces that come with the Disc-O-Bed. Using the cross straps, you can bind both ends of the top bunk to the other ends of the bottom bunk to keep them in check and make sure they stay connected.

6. Durability

Spending money on a piece of furniture that will barely last three weeks sounds ridiculous. That is precisely what sets Disc-O-Bed apart from the competition.

The Disc-O-Bed is well-known for its durability and reliability. It provides excellent support in the right places for long-term use. The rugged frame remains steady through the years without any rust or corrosion. Even after years of service, there are no sagging or wavy edges to deal with.

Since the Disc-O-Bed has been tested in various fields, it is guaranteed to stay with you for a long time. However, if any of the parts suffer damage or are lost, you can easily order a replacement for that particular part.

7. Space

The Disc-O-Bed cots give plenty of room for you to roll over during a restless night.

The average distance between the top and bottom bunks is around a foot and a half. This gives enough room for you to bend your knees a little. If you want more space, you can order extensions as an add-on along with the bunks. The extensions add more distance between the cots so you can easily sit up even on the bottom bunk.

This will help you avoid bumping into the top bunk every time you try to get out.

(That gets pretty awkward.)

Another thing that makes the Disc-O-Bed convenient to use is that it takes up less room than a 3-person tent. Moreover, you can set up both of the cots individually.

8. Comfort

The Disc-O-Bed gives you a great night of sleep. But at the end of the day, it isn’t a proper bed, so don’t expect the depth of a mattress. The surface of the bunk is lower in the middle and higher on the sides. Despite that, there are a few things you can do to make the experience more comfortable.

  • Use a camp mattress or foam topper, especially in the winter.
  • Add padding with a sleeping bag to make the bunk warm and sung
  • Use zippers to modify sheets and use them with the bunks
  • If you go camping, take some extra blankets with you just in case. The surface of the bunks is pretty thin, so some air may pass through.

9. Storage Bag

The storage bag that comes with the Disc-O-Bed is probably one of the product’s best features. The Disc-O-Bed comes in two bags, each with one cot and the supporting parts.

Unlike most other storage bags that are merely cheap canvas, the one with Disc-O-Bed is solid and well-laid out.

There are Velcro loops and elastic sleeves on each part of the bag, along with durable zippers. These allow you to pack the camping equipment compactly instead of struggling to get them in for hours. The handles of both storage bags are also padded with Velcro. That makes it easier to carry them and gives you lots of space.


10. Multipurpose

The best part of the Disc-O-Beds is probably the versatility in their use.

Since the Disc-O-Beds are exceptionally compact and comfortable, you can do a lot more than just using them as bunk beds at camp.

  • Fit in small spaces

Disc-O-Beds are the perfect travel partner for those who enjoy journeys and exploring. Thanks to their innovative design and outstanding longevity, you can now hang out with your friends and family on big adventures! You can shorten the lengths of the legs and fit the Disc-O-Bed in smaller spaces. For example, if you’re going on a long road trip, you can adjust the cots to fit in the minivan for a great ride!

  • Use for storage

The Disc-O-Bed comes with organizers so that you can use them to stack things. Side organizers are hanging from the side of the cots. There are also Velcro pads placed at the back of the cot that provides you with extra storage. These organizers are removable, which gives you a lot more space and freedom to use as you please.

You can use this vertical storage space for countless things! The organizers can hold your gear, personal items, food, and drinks, etc.

  • Use it as a couch

Yes, you read that right!

The Disc-O-Bed can be used as a bed, a drawer, and as a couch.

All you need to do is unlock the disc connectors from where they’re locked into the rails. Remove the top bunk from one side, and pop down the disc brackets. Now you can use the space as a camp bench or couch! There is a rod at the back, but it isn’t all that uncomfortable. Besides, you can put a shoulder bag or padding there if necessary. The couch can easily fit around 3-4 people.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.    How can I clean my Disc-O-Bed?

The Disc-O-Bed is super easy to clean! You can simply take a mild detergent and sponge to clean the fabric. Afterward, you can rinse with water, preferably warm, and then hang it out to dry.

2.    Will the Disc-O-Bed damage my floor?

Absolutely not! The bottom cot has a rounded frame that prevents any damage to the floor. If you’re scared of any potential damage, you can order rubber protectors as an add-on for extra protection.

3.    Does the Disc-O-Bed come with a warranty?

Yes, Disc-O-Bed offers a warranty of 1 year on all parts of the product

4.    Can I build a triple stack with the Disc-O-Bed?

Technically, you can if you buy an additional bar. However, it isn’t a safe move since it isn’t made to be stacked that high.

Furthermore, under quilts seem to be more useful when camping in colder weather. Anywhere else, a sleeping pad works just fine.

Final Verdict: Should You Get the Disc-O-Bed?

Not to gush, but we’re huge fans of the Disc-O-Bed. Despite its minor shortcomings, the portable bunks already go way beyond their intended purpose. They’re flexible, versatile, safe, and comfortable. That’s everything you need to make your next camping trip fun!

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